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you fondle my trigger then you blame my gun
there is one thing you can't tell

and that's how I'd feel
when there's no more you.

(twitter reply)


Selvfølgelig ligger det mer til grunn for mitt politiske standpunkt enn noen ukloke uttalelser fra Hanekamhaug.
Men du må også huske at jeg arbeider i kulturbransjen, og kulturpolitikk er meget viktig for meg med hensyn til
fremtidige arbeidskår. En Rødgrønn kulturpolitikk ivaretar min bransje og våre vilkår. Hanekamhaug vil neppe
havne i en kulturministerstilling, Men, til tross for at hennes synspunkter kanskje er overdrevne i forhold til FrP's generelle
kulturpolitikk så representerer hun allikevel deres holdningsmønster.
Med Frp i høysetet vil det spøke for arbeidsplasser for mine,
og ikke minst vil det spøke for alt som heter organisert og frivillig kulturliv.

Jeg har selvfølgelig også andre grunner til at jeg vil gå for en rødgrønn regjering
men med tanke på twitterinnlegget mitt var det i denne omgangen kulturen jeg ville kommentere.
dessuten er det ikke store plassen på twitter å redegjøre grundig for sine meninger :)

Jeg vil ikke påtvinge noen noe som helst,
alt jeg håper er at folk tenkte seg godt om og kan stå for sine valg
når morgendagen kommer. uansett utfall.

Don't give it up

This pressing feeling
it's gotta implode
We fight the feeling
but we can't ignore
Who can show us how
when what we want is right now

Don't give it up
I heal and hide
Forgive this hurt of mine
We all have the scars
to show

Remote controlling
this total ache
it wants to destroy
Who can show us what
will become of us

Know what your doing,
what you came here for
You want to take them
hold them down
who can show us love
that holds no doubt

Don't give it up
I heal and hide
Forgive this hurt of mine
We all have the scars
To show

The way it really is

I kept talking to myself
I had to get the words out of my head
So I did
You barely said a thing
You kind of heard me out and then you said

You said:
"you're crazy, why do you keep doing this?
Everything is fine."
Then I think, I'm crazy
I do this all the time
Until I start to think that nothing's even wrong

Maybe I am
Hiding in my own confusion
Maybe we're just
A picture in my head
Maybe what if it could be
The way I wish it really was
Maybe I don't wanna see it
The way it really is

Sometimes your intentions
Are totally impossible to read
What does that mean?
Sometimes even i
Have no idea what I need
I wish I did.

I'm crazy
Why do I keep doing this?
Everything is fine.
Then you think I'm crazy
I do this all the time
Until I start to think
That something's really wrong

Looking out my window
At the big blue sky
Lazy sun shining and so I run outside
To look for you
I look for you
And then it starts to rain

Maybe I am
Is that the way it really is?
Maybe we'e just
A picture in my head
Maybe what if it could be
The way I wish it really was
Maybe I don't want to see it
The way it really is

note to self

don't give it up.

Out of the cage

love this live performance


A celuy que pluys eyme
en mounde

Of alle tho that I have founde

Saluz ottreye amour
With grace and joye all honor

Saschez, pleysant et beele
That I am right in good heele
Laus Christo!

Et moun amor done vous ay
And also thine owne night and day

Jeo vous pry, par charite
The wordes that here wreten be
Jeo vous pry, par charite
O! a Dieu

Saches bien, par verite,
Thou me peinest bothe night and day

Ma treduce e tresame

Night and day for love of thee

Saches bein, par verite,

Yif I deye I clepe to thee,

Vostre amor en mourn qoer
Brennth hote as doth the fir

Cest est ma volunte
That I mighte be with thee,

Jeo vous pry, par charite
A celuy que pluys eyme en


Horns and vibrating sensations...

some of you guys probably know that Jaren bought a new horn 6 months ago.
And even though it is by far the very best horn I've ever played concerning sound and punch,
it had a malfunction, making something inside the horn vibrate on certain frequencies.
I had the horn returned, and after a long while they sent me a new one.
Nevertheless, after a few weeks, the same vibration has started to occur on this one as well.

I am a bit disappointed to be honest.
It is really no fun playing an instrument that doesn't work well.
So, yesterday I borrowed a Besson Prestige horn from a friend of mine
to see if this might be a better choice.

Hopefully, York (the manufactors of my present extra vibrating horn)
will understand my situation. I am concerned that this might be a serie of malfunctioning horns
And I really don't want to undergo a new round of testing new horns.
It takes ages before I find one that lives up to my standards.